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Once upon a time, boiler servicing Liverpool services were viewed as a luxury that could be done without. This was back when people believed in running their boilers until they stopped working or had an obvious problem. However, boilers will sometimes not simply stop working. Boilers have been known to explode with the end result usually being the destruction of anything nearby. These explosions have been known to cause death and an unimaginable degree of damage to homes and commercial properties. Many boiler explosions that occurred in the past and even others in recent times could have been avoided with regular servicing.

Thanks to the risk becoming more apparent, people now take boiler servicing more seriously in Liverpool. Insurance providers may even refuse to pay a homeowner in case a poorly serviced boiler ends up causing damage. Such insurers will rightly blame the incident on negligence on the owner’s part. Before many manufacturers uphold a warranty, they will investigate to ensure that the boiler in question was being serviced regularly. Failure to service could render your warranty claim invalid, leaving you having to replace a boiler that may have cost you several thousand pounds from your own pocket even if there was a genuine manufacturer defect. 

As important as it is to keep your boiler in good working order, you’ll also want to ensure the work is handled by trustworthy individuals. Before you allow a company to service your boiler you should confirm that:

  • The company is insured in case something goes wrong during the work
  • The people working on your boiler are registered with Gas Safe. This means that they have the skills to work on systems that are fuelled by gas.
  • The company has a long history of providing excellent services to people in your area. Companies that treat their customers poorly with unprofessionalness or poor quality work are not worth your time or money so check out their reviews.

Eco Efficient is a company that promises you all the above and a lot more. We believe that our customers’ wellbeing is the strongest pillar of our business. We know that when we keep our customers happy, we will not only get a positive review but will also ensure that they feel comfortable turning to us if they need our services in the future.

Some companies may also try to take advantage of customers when they think that the customer doesn’t have a good understanding of the work being done. Such practices are in breach of our code of ethics and never acceptable from our members of staff. We believe in transparent practices and even offer a comprehensive bill so you know what your money pays for. If you want to have your boiler serviced, you can book a visit through our website. If you prefer to speak to someone, you can also call.

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