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Gas and Boiler Leaks

Many people have no idea what do when they need gas and boiler leaks Liverpool services. This is not strange because few people imagine that when they buy a boiler, it could turn into such a serious threat to their homes and safety. Due to the danger involved, only a competent person should make any efforts to correct these types of leaks. This is why you should give Eco Efficient a call when you need these services. With years of experience in handling such problems, we have what’s needed to take care of the problem.

A gas leak is the more problematic of these two problems due to the immediate danger. Most of the boilers used in UK homes are fuelled by a flammable gas. The exact gas in use may be natural gas or LPG. Regardless of the gas your boiler uses, the danger is always present in case of a leak. Many people have been killed or injured due to explosions as a result of gas leaks. Eco Efficient believes in putting its clients’ interests before anything else. This is why we always recommend that you get in touch with us as soon as you detect any signs of a gas leak.

Gas leaks can be caused by several problems and these may be in your boiler or in the system that leads to you boiler. A few common reasons include:

  • A damaged valve
  • Loose fittings in the hose leading to your boiler
  • A punctured gas hose

One of the simplest ways of detecting a gas leak is by the characteristic smell of the gases used. Anytime you smell the gas, you should turn off the gas at the inlet to your house and get in touch with us. We always respond with the necessary urgency when we receive such calls. You should avoid operating any electrical equipment including light switches until the problem is fixed. The best course of action is to evacuate the building until the problem has been corrected.

Boiler leaks may not pose as significant a problem as gas leaks but you should not underestimate this issue. Boilers leaks for many reasons, some simple and others complicated. Your boiler may simply be leaking water due to a loose fitting. The ‘leak’ may also be discharge from the pressure release valve and this is quite normal unless you notice more than the usual amount of water. A higher than normal leakage from your boiler could be a warning that your pressure settings are off. If the water is leaking from the body of your boiler, it could mean that the boiler is damaged. Such a boiler may not be able to withstand the pressure of the steam inside and this can lead to an explosion. Call our experts to take care of such eventualities today.

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